Getting Started on LUMI

  1. Create an account at

    NB! Instead of in the end your email address you should use

    NB! A new account with “myaccessid” is necessary, even if youalready have a accout with TaaT.


    More detailed guide can be found here.

  2. Register your SSH in your MyAccessID user profile. For this purpose go to Settings and click to SSH key.


    Then add your SSH key into corresponding field. In Linux and Mac public SSH key can be found at .ssh/ file.


    It is important to add your SSH key immediately after account creation, since this SSH key will be automatic transfer to LUMI and used for user authentication during first and subsequent connection to LUMI.

  3. Check if you have an account at, since invitation to the project will come there.


  4. Contact to Resource Allocator ( to create a project or receive an invitation to an existing one.

    NB! Just adding HPC-LUMI resources to an existing project will not work.

  5. Accept invitation using account.

  6. After accepting the invitation, the corresponding project appear in your ETAIS account, but you should select it in your workspace as well. For that choose Dashboard from the left side menu and click to the select workspace - green button at the top-left of your ETAIS account. After that choose your organisation and project.


  7. In short time you will receive a letter from where you will be given your user name for LUMI.

  8. Try to connect to LUMI with received user name by the command:


    NB! Synchronization may take some time, so if you have problems with connection with SSH key, it should wait longer and try again.